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View-Master Home Inspections has been established for 15 years.   In those fifteen years we have come across every conceivable type of home problem, during our inspection.  Like many other companies we do not boast to be the best.  What we always tell our clients is that all our home inspectors are highly trained and licensed.   Highly trained is having completed several thousand home inspections. They must also have had hands on training in electric, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and general construction.  Basically we require that they at one time were contractor.  They are also required to speak easy terminology so that there is no misunderstanding for a particular issue during the home inspection.  They must participate in constant continuing education to meet the New Jersey requirement for each year.  There are no part time inspectors therefore knowledge and ability increases daily. 

E-mail Contact

Frank and Anne,      Bellville, NJ       Oct 15, 2009
Very in-depth and easy to understand inspection.

Alex,     E. Rutherford, NJ     Oct 14, 2009
Very professional home inspection.  Thanks for you patience.

Jane and Jonathan,    Clifton, NJ     Oct 14, 2009
Been through a couple of home inspections before.  Best one so far.

Sue,     Little Falls, NJ     Oct 13, 2009
We need more home inspection companies like View-Master. Thank you for your services.

Alice and William.,    Wood-Ridge, NJ     Oct. 12, 2009
This complete home inspection gave me the chance to really understand what was happening in my home. 

Jacob      Hoboken,  NJ      Oct. 11, 2009
With your report we now have peace of mind.  

Daniel., Hoboken, NJ      Oct 10, '09
Loving my condo.  Thank you

Sam and Alice    Bloomfield, NJ    Oct 9, 2009
Thank you so very much for going over the house. The sellers repaired most everything I asked for so.  I feel very good about buying this house. There are not to many home inspectors that would have done such a great job. Once again thank you.

Ruthie & Brian      West Milford, NJ     Oct 8, 2009
We really appreciate your time and thorough inspection.  We will be sure to recommend you to all our friends." 

Curt M ,     Totowa, NJ      Oct. 7, 2009
Everything was just as you said about the hot water heater and the electrical system.  I'll be happy to recommend you." Curt M.,

Chloe and Anthony,     Harrison, NJ      Oct. 6, 2009
Has been thee months now.  Great job.  Will definitely do business again.

Emma,     Wayne, NJ     Oct 5, 2009
Your knowledge was unbelievable.  I thought my husband knew a lot about homes. Thanks

Amada,       Rutherford   NJ     November  10, 2009
This is the second home inspection in 3.5 years that Vinny from View Master Home Inspections has inspected for us. We were first time home buyers with the first house. He made us feel very comfortable and explained everything in detail. The knowledge we gained from the first inspection made the second one a breeze. The first inspection, Vinny got us a credit of 3,800.00. The second inspection we got a credit of 8,300.00 plus the seller fixed several code violations. Vinny was more than willing to spend time on the phone with us to answer question we had about our renovation and how to deal with the contractors.
Thank you for your guidance
Home Inspection
On an average, the majority of our inspections are referred by past home buying clients, attorneys and religious organizations.

Of our more than 6,000 inspections, below we chose a few excerpts of testimonials sent in by satisfied customers