The New Age Realtor
I Am Not Only A Realtor I Am A Facilitator
As my client I will astound you as the one of a kind realtor
Don't let this happen to your new home
I bring to the real estate industry a unique and stand alone set of skills for both the buyer and seller. No longer will the buyer or seller have to worry about unknown conditions of the home they are buying or selling. The anxiety of a real estate transaction is heavily based on the home inspection. My 15 year background as a certified home inspector and 30 years as a home improvement contractor will greatly reduce the buyer’s time when searching for a home. It will also reduce the seller’s risk of losing a buyer.  Imagine having a real estate agent on your side that is a home inspector.  I will be able to help you understand what a home inspector will reveal before you waste your time and money. This is the greatest advantage to any real estate homebuyer or seller. In addition, I would be an invaluable asset to have on your side during the home inspection. Although I will be acting as a Realtor my expertise will act as a watchdog during your home inspection and or contractor that you may hire until you move in or renovate.
“Buyer Beware”